COVID-19 Vaccines

Northern Medical Center is now offering COVID-19 vaccinations in accordance with New York Regulations. 

Registration is now available. 

Your health and safety is our priority.  We’re administering Covid-19 vaccine by APPOINTMENT ONLY to eligible New Yorkers. Please follow the steps below to make an appointment.

Covid-19 Vaccine
Step 1. Check your Eligibility

✓ Age 16+
✓ Reside in New York State
✓ Work in New York State
✓ Study in New York State

Step 2. If you are eligible, complete the Vaccine Appointment Registration Form or call (845) 640-4683
Step 3. Once we confirm your appointment, please complete the New York State Vaccine Form

This form should be filled out online and you will receive a submission ID indicating completion. You will need to bring the submission ID to your appointment. If you cannot submit the form online, it will be available at the vaccination sites.

On the Day of the Appointment

1. Bring the following with you:

✓ ID and proof of age
✓ Proof of eligibility, (eg, driver’s license, employee ID card, pay-study, student ID)
✓ Your Insurance Card
✓ Your Vaccine Form Submission ID

2. A Mask will be required to enter.

Please remember to wear a mask, and practice social distancing while you’re at Northern Medical Center.

At Your Appointment

After you arrive at Northern Medical Center, we will perform contactless temperature check at the lobby and a COVID-19 health screening.

Then, you will register at the front desk and complete all necessary forms. You will be asked a series of clinical questions to ensure your readiness for a vaccine.

The vaccine is free, but you will be asked for your insurance information on the day of your appointment.

After Your Vaccination

After the Covid-19 vaccine has been administered, you will be observed for 15 minutes for any side effects. Some individuals may need to be observed for 30 minutes, depending on their health status.