What Is Evoke and How Does It Work?

Evoke by Inmode is a hands-free, non-surgical device that helps to produce a face/neck lift effect without the use of surgery. It can reduce the appearance of jowls and tighten the cheeks, chin, and neck areas. By utilizing bipolar radiofrequency (RF) to heat the subdermal layer of the skin, the device creates proper thermal energy to stimulate the production of collagen, one of the main proteins that helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity, tightness and definition. This helps to replenish the face’s natural collagen that gets lost through factors like age and sun damage. In addition, the subcutaneous fat within the treatment areas will tighten and lessen in volume. With repeated treatment sessions, you can see tremendous improvements in your appearance from decreased sagging of your skin to increased contouring of your face.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Evoke to help you decide if it is right for you.


> How Long Does Evoke Last?

Each session can last from 20-45 minutes depending on your needs; for the most ideal results, we recommend weekly sessions that are 45 minutes each, for 6 consecutive weeks.

> What is a Typical Session Like?

Evoke Face and Neck both have wearable applicators with minimal to no discomfort. While seated and wearing the applicator for treatment, you are free to relax and use your phone or read a book; afterwards, you will be able to resume the rest of your day as normal. 

> Is Evoke Safe, and is There Any Pain Involved?

The device is designed to control and maintain the temperature of its radiofrequency so that it can perform at maximum effectiveness while remaining at a tolerable temperature throughout. A protective gel will be applied to the treatment area for safety and comfort. There is also a switch for you to turn the machine off if you need to. Overall, the session should be rather relaxing, and you can only expect to feel some warmness in the targeted areas during your treatment session.

> Are There Any Side Effects?

Because Evoke does not include many contraindications for its use, its technology is available for almost anyone. This, along with many other precautions, ensures that the only temporary side effects you may see are some redness and slight tingling for a few hours after your treatment.

> Preparation and Aftercare for Your Treatment

Prior to your treatment session, make sure the treatment area is clean clear of makeup. Following the procedure, it is recommended to moisturize the areas if drying occurs, and to avoid scratching or rubbing them. Because those area will be more susceptible to the sun’s UV rays for a few days, make sure to apply sunscreen and have enough protection when going out.

> Optional Follow-Up Maintenance Device

After your six sessions of Evoke, we will offer a follow up device (NEWA®) that you can use at home should you desire continued tightening and improvement in the concerned areas.

To learn more about NEWA®, click here.

Next Step

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Evoke before and after

Evoke Before and After