Northern Medical Center
Northern Medical Center

Data Analytics Group

The Data Analytics Group at Northern Medical Center, Inc. applies a wide variety of methods and algorithms (e.g. statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, optimization, and simulation) to the analysis of datasets in health-related issues. We seek to discover patterns and trends to provide valuable insights for the benefit of patients and the public.

Our team is comprised of experts with extensive experience across the spectrum of the application of data analytics to healthcare. They include experienced statisticians, experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and computer technology, and medical doctors.

COVID-19 Analytics

We collect, track, analyze, and conveniently present data from public data on COVID-19 to monitor trends, identify patterns, and detect any potential risk factors and outbreaks that might occur, and to determine effectiveness of public health measures.

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

The Data Analytics Group develops models to assess potential risks related to COVID-19 and other diseases of concern.

These models take as inputs a range of factors from an individual to predict the likelihood of various outcomes (e.g. infection, hospitalization, mortality, survival). They are developed through the application of data science methods to publicly available data to provide quantitative predictions of these likelihoods, through a systematic procedure of model development, testing, and validation.

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